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Live An Optimistic Life With Rose Colored Glasses

“Optimism, the tendency to see things in a positive light”

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Life has always been difficult and as we age we acquire more responsibilities that increases that level of stress. Additionally, the Covid-19 Pandemic, current Tech Layoffs and Inflation Crisis only made this worse. Though, some of us have flourished in recent years as others fall to the deepest depths of their lives – why is that? Because those who found success have successfully approached their struggles with a positive perspective and this is the catalyst to take them out of the hole and onwards. Have you tried looking through your life events with ‘Rose Colored Glasses” to help you become more optimistic minded?

Seeing things through Rose Colored Glasses – positive or negative mindset?

If you haven’t heard the idiom “rose colored glasses” before – it essentially means to have an optimistic and cheerful way of looking at life. Cynics believe that looking at life through rose colored glasses creates an unrealistic expectation. On the other hand, researchers found those who have the ability to think/believe positively during bad situations, tend to succeed. I agree with both, but regardless if it is positive or negative, in the end you’ll be better off.

We already know how an optimistic outlook can give you the motivation to achieve success, but have you heard about the process of using poison as a treatment? Often, poisonous venom or plant secretions are the magical cure or antidote for ailments like cancer – or cancel out other poisons. Looking at life too positively can make you loose track of reality, but if utilized in the right way can help you from falling into darker places in your mind. It’s about knowing when and how to leverage it.

Falling into the depths of my own darkness of my own doing.

I also have moments where I succumb to my insecurities as I deal with work, personal and societal pressures. During the period leading up to and for most of the pandemic, my negative energy dragged me down and I crumbled beneath the pressure. My relationships with my work team was strained, I was not seeing eye to eye with family and loved ones – in fact I constantly butted heads with those closest to me.

This toxicity turned me into a Jekyll & Hyde personality where at first I was able to at least manage the two polar sides of myself, but eventually I lost control and morphed interchangeably between both sides. You can say it felt like an out of body experience where you witness your own life from a third person perspective, though unable to control it.

Finding a way out through a positive mindset.

By the time I realized it, I had hit one of the lowest points of my life. I had stopped working for my company and spending down my savings while running my tea shop during a pandemic that erased 90% of my customers – and income. There was no motivation to apply to hobbies or passions. there was just enough will to exist. Every day was spent in my home and only leaving when I had to help out at my tea shop.

It was not until Covid-19 flooded America that I began to snap out of my negative and self-depriving mindset and habits. It took one of the most horrible events in the history of mankind for me to snap out of it. Don’t get so excited yet, because it was still a long path to healing. Snapping awake is often mistaken for healing, but actually it just marks the beginning of a long journey.

After seeing so many people around you and across the world become ill and dying, it made me realize how blessed I am. It forced me to really see every little physical and non-physical thing around me with much more appreciation. This appreciation slowly led to positivity – to know that my negative experiences might not really be that bad.

Reaching a new height in my own climb to the top.

Once my rehabilitation slowly progressed to a point where I began to have control over my thoughts and emotions, this was when I truly began to heal. Naturally, the positive mindset led to an inner peace I never possessed before. I perceived issues more calmly and with clarity. This allowed me to resolve my issues one by one and be more fair to not only the situation and those related to the issue, but also to myself. I began to place less pressure on myself to be perfect or to punish myself if things didn’t move along as I expected. I gave myself room to breathe, to make mistakes, to learn and with the ease of time – I eventually succeeded.

When success came, confidence came along with it. I felt like step by step my was finally making my way up the mountain instead of constantly hanging on for life. When I finally made it to the top of that mountain, I was ecstatic. Though I quickly saw that there was an even higher mountain ahead. Truth is, I began to get that negative though along with the dread bubbling up in my belly…But unlike before, I was able to squash it right away. Now that I have learned how and when to leverage positivity, negative thoughts don’t survive long.

What goes up must come down, and go back up again.

Positivity makes you realize and come to accept that life is everchanging. Life is like a mountain range of highs and lows. You will experience varying levels of highs and lows in life, but only with a positive mindset will you find yourself sitting on top of those high peaks more than the low valleys of life. Though, this variation in experiences throughout life is what makes it an interesting one to live. The fun times are more fun only after overcoming the hard times.