Living your best life by being the best you.

Embracing Your Weirdness & Make It Your Value.

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” 


Hello all – you can call me Anh (pronounced like “On”)!

I am a Technical Program Manager, Business Owner, Artist and Life Consultant. A dynamic person with contrasting skill sets that makes me pragmatic yet also highly creative. I am extroverted on most days, but also have my introverted moments. Like you, I have many dimensions to my identity and I hope to share all my facets with you over time!

I am Asian-American and a first generation immigrant from Vietnam. My mother and I were refugees known as “the Boat People”, who left Vietnam by boat (not ocean liners like cruise ships, but think small wooden boats). We endured storms, starvation, pirates, refugee camps and many other hardships to achieve asylum in America. However, this part of my identity is the foundation of who I am, and instilled in me a high level of grit.

As a refugee and immigrant in the early 90’s, I was highly aware of my difference to those around me. At the same time, I began to realize that I was also a “weird” child. Though my “strangeness” comes from my unique perspectives and interests in relations to others – not from being an immigrant. Over the years, I had learned to embrace this “weirdness” and transform it into valuable skills instead of denying it.

What makes us unique and individual is also the key to making us stand out in life. We often try to suppress our individuality, fearing our true selves will not be accepted. Stop, this is like locking yourself into a cage! I hope through sharing my story and experiences, I can inspire you all to embrace your strange, your weird, your uniqueness and turn them into your best assets.

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